11 Authors like Sarah J. Maas: Romantasy, Fae, Magic and Power

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Raise your hand if TikTok convinced you to read A Court of Thornes and Roses, and now you have a full-on romantasy obsession. I can’t be the only one! And if you’re like me, you’ve also devoured the Throne of Glass and Crescent City series’ and are on the hunt for more writers like Sarah J. Maas. 

Well, you’re in the right place!

This list of authors like Sarah J. Maas is full of titles that will transport you to far-away fantasy worlds where magic, dragons, and Fae Kings are reality. Where champions fight to the death in competitions of power and honor. Where the main character always seems to fall for the one person they shouldn’t. 

And if you’re like me, I’ll be going through this list to find my next High Fae boyfriend. Sorry, Rhysand! 

Authors like Sarah J. Moss, with book covers.

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Authors like Sara J. Maas: Bringing the Fae

If you can’t get enough of the Fae, you’re not alone! These authors are similar to Sarah J. Maas and are sure to give you your next Fae fix. 

The Cruel Prince, book cover.

Holly Black 

Holly Black is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with over 30 fantasy books under her belt – so you’re guaranteed to find something to fill your TBR if you loved Sarah J. Maas. 

If you’re not quite ready to leave the world of the Fae behind, our Holly Black recommendation is The Cruel Prince. After the murder of her parents, Jude and her sisters were stolen by the High Court of Faerie. It’s now been ten years, and Jude will do anything to fit in, even if it means defying Prince Cardan, the High King’s youngest and most wicked son. 

These Hollow Vows, book cover.

Lexi Ryan 

Lexi Ryan is an award-winning author who writes sexy romance novels similar to the A Court of Thornes and Roses series. 

Ryan’s most famous novel is These Hollow Vows. Described as the perfect blend between The Cruel Prince and ACOTAR, the first entry in this series introduces readers to Brie, a fae-hating human who finds herself caught between two treacherous fae courts and their seductive princes. 

If you love Sarah J. Maas novels for the addicting love triangles, you’ll love Lexi Ryan and These Hollow Vows. 

Divine Rivals, book cover.

Rebecca Ross 

Rebecca Ross is a Sunday Times bestselling fantasy author who primarily writes duologies – perfect for anyone intimidated by an eight-book commitment (I’m looking at you, A Throne of Glass). 

One of Rebecca’s most loved novels is Divine Rivals, an enemies-to-lovers romance about two journalists who discover their magical connection and face a war among gods in the depths of hell. This heartbreaking story will stay with you long after you turn the final page. 

A Study in Drowning, book cover.

Ava Reid 

Ava Reid is one of the newer authors on this list, but don’t let that scare you. This New York Times bestselling author lets her books do the talking. Her most recent novel, A Study in Drowning, immerses readers in a gothic fantasy world you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Visions of the Fairy King have haunted Effy Sayre for as long as she can remember, and her only comfort is Emry Myrddin’s epic story of a mortal woman who falls in love with the fantasy King before destroying him. When Effy gets the opportunity to join a contest to redesign Mryddin’s estate, she can’t say no to fate – but not all that glitters is gold. Effy soon finds a rival in a young literature scholar determined to expose Myrddin as a fraud, but dark forces threaten to bring about a truth that may ruin them both. 

Serpent and Dove, book cover.

Shelby Mahurin 

Shelby Mahurin says one of her favorite books of all time is A Court of Thornes and Roses, which, if you ask us, is enough to add her debut novel Serpent & Dove to our TBR. But if you’re still not convinced, Sarah J. Maas herself called this novel a “gem of a book.” 

This Goodreads Nominee for Best Debut Novel (2019) follows Louise Le Blanc after she fled her coven and took shelter in the city of Cesarine, a city where witches like her are hunted and burned. Her path crosses with Reid Diggory, a huntsman sworn to the Church and taught to hate witches like Louise. But after an unfortunate event, the pair are forced into a marriage.

In typical enemies-to-lovers fashion, Reid and Louise cannot ignore their growing feelings for each other but are powerless to change the truth behind Louise’s past as the war between witches and the Church rages on. 

Caraval, book cover.

Stephanie Garber 

If your favorite Sarah J. Maas series is Throne of Glass, you’ll love Stephanie Garber’s dark and magical novels. 

Her debut novel, Caraval, introduces readers to the elusive once-a-year elaborate performances of Caraval — an event that Scarlett Dragna is dying to attend. Just when her powerful but cruel father announces his intent to arrange her marriage, Scarlett’s invitation to Caraval arrives. 

It seems like things are finally falling into place for Scarlett when a mysterious sailor arrives to accompany her and her sister, Tella, on their long journey. But once they arrive, Tella is kidnapped, and the hunt to find her becomes the main event. Unsure of what’s real and what’s a performance, Scarlett is desperate to get her sister back and finds herself immersed in the game of love, heartbreak, and magic – until her sister is at risk of disappearing forever. 

Powerless, book cover.

Lauren Roberts 

Lauren Robert’s debut novel, Powerless, is perfect for Sarah J. Maas fans. This nominee for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2023) Goodreads Choice Award takes readers to the kingdom of Ilya, where only the extraordinary Elites belong. If you’re not born an Elite, you’re born Ordinary and banished from the kingdom.

Paedyn Gray is an Ordinary and forced to survive in the slums by any means necessary – including posing as a psychic to blend in with the Elites. After accidentally saving one of Ilya’s princes, she’s thrown into the Purging Trials, a brutal competition to showcase the very power Paedyn does not have. Paedyn has to fight to survive the Purging Trials, but can she keep her secret safe from the prince she’s gaining feelings for? 

If you love ACOTAR, you’re sure to love this forbidden romance. 

Other Fantasy Writers like Sarah J. Maas 

If you’re ready to leave the world of Fae behind and want to expand your fantasy world, check out these authors to dive into the world of dragons, vampires and magic. 

Fourth Wing book cover

Rebecca Yarros

If you ask any fantasy reader what to read after Sarah J. Maas, there’s a good chance they will say Rebecca Yarros. This Colorado Romance Writer’s Award winner is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, which is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas. 

Her novel Fourth Wing is the perfect ACOTAR follow-up. This enemies-to-lovers novel introduces readers to Violet Sorrengail,  daughter of the tough, no-nonsense general who’s ordered her daughter to join the hundreds of candidates fighting to become an elite dragon rider. Only a select few will bond with a dragon and gain the title of Navarre. The rest become ash when the dragons incinerate them for even trying. 

The dragons bring some heat in this series, but so does Violet’s relationship with fellow dragon rider Xaden.

As each day passes, the kingdom’s protective wards start to vail, and Violet and Xaden begin to suspect leadership is hiding a terrible secret. 

From Blood and Ash, book cover.

Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Jennifer L. Armentrout is a #1 International Bestselling Author. Her most famous book, From Blood and Ash, was the Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Best Romance (2020). 

In the first of the Blood and Ash series, readers are introduced to Poppy, a maiden who will live her life in solitary, never to be touched, looked upon, or spoken to. The entire kingdom’s future rests on Poppy’s shoulders, but she dreams of a bigger life. When Hawke, a golden-eyed guard honor bound to ensure her Ascensions, enters her life, Poppy is tempted by the forbidden fruit.

This passionate story is sure to be a fan favorite among Sarah J. Maas readers. 

The Serpent and the Wings of Night, book cover.

Carissa Broadbent 

Carissa Broadbent describes her novels as having “a heaping dose of badass ladies and a big pinch of romance” – just like another fantasy author we know…

Carissa’s most loved book is The Serpent and the Wings of Night, where we follow the story of Oraya, the adopted human daughter of the Nightborn vampire king, as she enters the Kejari, a legendary tournament held by the goddess of death. To survive, Oraya must ally herself with Raihn, her dangerous and mysterious rival. But in the Kajari, their blossoming romance could be their downfall. 

A Marvelous Light, book cover.

Freya Marske

Freya Marske is a Lotus Award finalist for romance in fantasy and her first book A Marvellous Light, won indie pics in 2021 from Amazon, NPR, Book Riot and others.

I’m recommending Marske because her series is similar to Sara J. Maas for the power struggles and looming disaster if things go sideways.

This series brings serious gay heat, and some high-stakes power struggles to magical England. A Marvellous Light is set in 1906 Edwardian London. When (non-magical) Robin is assigned to be the civil service liaison to London’s magical society he finds himself swept up in a conspiracy to consolidate magical power. He teams up with (and hooks up with) magician Edwin to thwart the plot.

In an atypical series twist, the other books continue to rotate around the main power plot, but the action is driven by different characters in Edwin and Robin’s circle, each bringing their own romantic heat.

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