About Libro Maniacs

Welcome to Libro Maniacs. This is the place for people who are nuts for books. We are here to help you and your book club find and discuss your next great read.

Troll around the site and you’ll find book club discussion guides, readalikes and great book club ideas.

SF Public Library bookstore haul

Libro Maniacs was started by Carol, a self described book nerd and recovering bookseller. Carol has been a member of various book clubs for decades and she earned her book recommendation chops during her 5 years working at a local indy bookshop.

She loves books so much that when she travels, she always checks out local bookstores and lovely libraries!

In addition to Carol, we have a host of other writers who are avid readers, English Lit majors, word nerds and book lovers. This includes Janelle (who loves helping kids to learn how to read), Lucy (who loves recommending books to friends), Sarah (who is a tech VP by day and book clubber by night), Heather (who became obsessed with books because of Harry Potter), Mallory (who not only reads avidly but who also writes her own stories), and Emerson (who’s currently reading a book from every country).

Here’s our promise to you, dear reader:

  • With our discussion guides, we will always endeavor to help you craft a stimulating conversation.
  • With our book lists, we will try to help you and/or your book club find diverse reads. By that we mean book written by or featuring people of color, a range of sexual orientation, wide-ranging cultures and geographies, works in translation and interesting writing formats.

Let’s get started!