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Books about and set in winter. with book covers

20 Bracing Books Set in Winter

Light the fire and then dig into this list of chilly books about winter. Get ideas for contemporary lit, historical fiction, thrillers, fantasy and adventure, all set in winter.

Best book club books- reading ideas

Best Book Club Books: 2024 Edition

Find the best book club books for your reading group. This curated list for 2023 features great reads and popular must read books for book clubs.

Books about magical schools. Book covers

21 Bewitching Books About Magical Schools

Books about magical schools are their own major fantasy sub-genre. Go deep into magic schools with these 20 great reads for both YA and adult, with diverse characters and settings.

Books about Elephants

18 Astonishing Books About Elephants

If you love elephants, then this is the reading list for you. Get recommendations for 18 amazing books about elephants with both fiction and non-fiction options.